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This is kinesiology Amazing but True

Kinesiology is the remarkable new science that allows you to identify and resolve personal health challenges without the need for expensive equipment and tests, in the privacy of your own home and at no extra cost.  You can learn the basics in just 1 day and anyone can learn it and do it.

Do you have a health challenge you are struggling with?

It seems too good to be true, but you will find that very often the simple things in life are the best and what you will learn in this article can change phim 18 your life forever and help you to get well and stay well.  Even more remarkably it will empower you to help your family and your friends and even allow you to become the professional therapist and get paid for your services if that’s what you want to do.

Brain intelligence

There are 2 types of kinesiologist

Kinesiology science

Physical therapists: Originally kinesiologists were folks who looked after and understood the physical mechanics of how muscles and joints work. They would assist you if you had an injury and could tape up your muscles and joints to help them heal.

Muscle testing

Energy therapists: In the 1960s,  Dr George Goodheart made an extraordinary discovery. What he discovered became the basis of the whole system of healing which is profoundly simple and simply profound which we now refer to as kinesiology or muscle monitoring 

Anyone can learn kinesiology and anyone can use it to benefit themselves their loved ones and their friends. …..It is really very simple !

Holistic medicine.

Today many of us are becoming aware that it is necessary for us to look after our own physical health.   It is no longer acceptable to expect a doctor to ‘fix us’.   Many of us are looking for healing systems that come under the heading of ‘holistic health’, and indeed these can include using acupuncture points to bring harmony back into the body, as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help us release emotional stress and bring inner peace to our soul.  At the end of the day we need someone to guide and to help us know what is the best thing to do, and that is exactly what kinesiology does.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Gary Craig
The joy of freedom

Click the link to gain immediate FREE access to a video that will teach you how to do EFT in just a few minutes.
It’s wonderful stuff and anyone can do it !  Enjoy

Natural remedies

There are so many possible natural remedies out there that it seems impossible for us to know which to use.  Imagine if you could access the information from your own innate intelligence that already knows what is the best thing for you to do.  Well in a very simple and remarkable way that is exactly what kinesiology does.

Brain intelligence

Is kinesiology a form of healing?

The answer, which may surprise you, is actually NO.  Kinesiology is not a form of healing. It provides you with a simple and effective system that allows you to find out what is the best form of healing for you.  So in a real sense kinesiology becomes your guide and provide you with access to the supercomputer that is running your body.

Can You Guess ?

Guess how many new living cells your body will make while you watch the counter opposite

Click here when you have made your guess

Over 10 million

New living cells were made in YOUR body in the last 10 second
Count the Seconds

How does my body know what to do ?

Consider this.  In the time it is taking you to read this sentence, your body will have produced over 10 million new living cells.  Just think about that for a moment and considered the enormous healing potential that is stored up inside your body and released every second that you are alive.  

Now Pause and consider this and then try the next question !

Guess how many living cells you have in your body altogether

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70 Trillion

A VASTE number that is impossible to comprehend
Count the Seconds

 70 trillion living cells.   A trillion is a vast number, in fact if you started counting now at the speed of 1..2..3..4..5, and you didn’t stop, it will take you more than 36,000 years, counting day and night to reach 1 trillion.  And you have 70 trillion living cells in your body.  Are you getting a sense that there is a lot more going on inside you than you ever realised ?

Your body is run by a massive supercomputer

Even starting to think about the facts I’ve just presented will fry your brain.  Everything that is happening to every living cell your body is controlled by a massive supercomputer which interfaces with our physical body in what we call the brain.  We all know that we don’t tell our hearts to beat or our lungs to breathe.  All this is automatic, for want of a better word.  You have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and an unconscious mind.  All these work together to provide the miracle of life, and 99% of everything that is happening in your body is beyond your conscious mind.  It’s subconscious and unconscious.

massive super computer

Your mind is very powerful

For this very reason, your thoughts and your feelings are very significant when it comes to determining your health and vitality.  Modern medicine does not consider these aspects of our being when trying to resolve our physical problems, and yet for most of us most of our issues are generated between our ears.  Kinesiology is remarkable because it, gives you access to  the information in your supercomputer and through a very simple muscle monitoring technique, it allows you to get yes and no answers to the questions you ask

Your thoughts and feelings are real

Kinesiology provides you with an effective system of integrated health. This is a  natural health system of self-healing that integrates feelings and emotions into the healing cycle.  We all know that our thoughts and feelings are real, and we all know that they can screw up our lives in no uncertain terms, but what we don’t realise is that built into every single individual person is a wonderful system to help you diffused this stress in minutes.

This means that destructive thoughts, feelings and emotions can be released and changed into a positive and powerful force. This process is remarkably easy to do and learn and the effects can often be instantaneous

Can kinesiology be used to heal physical complaints?

The answer is a resounding yes.  For example many people who have a frozen shoulder problem, actually are suffering from frozen emotions, and all the surgery and medicine in the world will not fix it, because the cause is not physical.  It exists in that part of your being which is often described as the soul.

A Testimonial

A plasterer who couldn't plaster.

I have been working as a practitioner of natural medicine, a kinesiologist, for nearly 40 years.  Many years ago I had a big man to come to me whose job was to plaster ceilings. However when he lifted his arm he was in excruciating pain. 
Modern medicine had not been able to help him.  


So using very simple stress release techniques that you can easily learn in 1 day, I started working with him and identifying emotional trauma that he had experienced over his life.  Each time we released one of these stresses, he was able to move his arm a little further.  By the time we finished our session, he was completely free of pain and his problem did not recur.

Muscles have Emotional Memory

This extraordinary truth is easy to demonstrate.  It was self-evident in the case of the plasterer mentioned above.  Because he had never dealt with the emotional traumas of his life, they had built up and effectively stopped his muscles functioning.  He was experiencing physical pain as a result of an unresolved emotional pain.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know each one of us carries a lot of unresolved emotional pain.

If this is not dealt with you’ll eventually get sick, and for each one of us this sickness will manifest in different ways.

Christina's Story

Because we bottle everything up, we create layers and layers of unresolved stress.  We are all uniquely different, but we have one thing in common.  We are all created as a spirit with a soul living in a body.  This connection to the spirit of life is what gives us life and empowers your super computer to do what does.  If you click the video link you will be led to a remarkable story about Christina, who was faced with a terminal illness that modern medicine could not cure but found a solution through kinesiology.

The answer is much closer than you think.

It is astounding do think and that you already have the solution to the health challenge that you’re facing.  The problem is you don’t know how to access the answer.  Kinesiology can bring you on your own personal journey of holistic health and healing.

As I have said, kinesiology is not a therapy. It leads you to the most appropriate therapies for you.  This is achieved through the simple process of muscle monitoring, which I can teach you in a one day training course.  I am so confident that you will ‘get it’ that I offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied.  Here are some training options.

We run many courses to suit everyones needs

Training Levels

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Course Types

  • Half day course
  • Full day courses
  • Weekend course

Course Options

  • On line
  •  In workshops

How come I've never heard about kinesiology before?

That is very good question. Although kinesiology as an energy science was only discovered in the late 1960s, if really didn’t come to the fore until the mid 70s.

In the next article I will discuss the fascinating history of this new young and dynamic science. This will help you to understand why there are so many different forms or systems of kinesiology.   Perhaps it goes back to the idea that there are many ways to sort out a problem and all of them can work, even though they can be very different.

Want to know more?

I have many videos and lots of free training material on my website and I look  forward to meeting you some day as we share this wonderful system of healing that is truly a gift from our creator.  Whether you are just interested in knowing more, or  have a personal health challenge yourself or concerns for your children, or whether you would like to seriously get involved and become a practitioner, we have tailored programs for you.  Many of our courses are designed for complete beginners who know nothing about natural healing. Why not sign up for a newsletter below or visit for more information.

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