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    Vitamin D 2000iu, 120 caps


    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. In Ireland we simply don’t get enough sunshine and the vast majority of us are vitamin D deficient. This causes major challenges for our health affecting our immune system, bones, growth, circulation and even our brains. Recent research has shown that the minimum amount of Vitamin D needed per day for an adult is 4000 units. Current recommendations are just 400 units.

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    Timed released Vitamin C 1000mg


    Vitamin C is a critical nutrient to help us build and detoxify the body. It is water soluble and therefore does not stay in the body for more than a few hours. The big advantage of a timed released formula is that you have a continuous release of vitamin see into system for up to eight hours and it avoids the need to have to take vitamins C two or three times a day. Excellent value as each pack contains 100 vegicaps

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    Garlicin timed released tablets.


    Garlic is one of natures greatest foods. It has antibiotic and blood and liver cleansing properties. As well garlic has been shown in trials to help normalise blood cholesterol levels. The challenge with garlic is finding a product and that works consistently. Garlicin is the world’s most researched and most stable form of garlic on the market. Being slow released helps it not to create a smell when you swallow it. It is best taken with food, and is tremendous for strengthening the immune system. Each pack contains 90 timed released tablets